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About Me


My name is Nanci Arvizu and I’m the sole owner, worker and head light bulb changer at Cowgirlheart Media.

Thank you for being here 🙂

Where to begin… I’m an artist and digital tech-nerd, a pencil and paper junkie, a desert dweller. I am a sun worshiper. Outside is better than inside.

I’ve been working on my “Work In Progress” novel for way too long.

Digging into the past, the history of where I am and places I want to visit fascinates me.

Exploration of foreign lands leads to greater understanding. Try it.

I love hiking the Sonoran desert where I live

I love hiking the Sonoran desert where I live

Health and fitness are important to me. I (do my best to) stay the course of good food, consistent exercise and positive thinking with hiking, cooking, meditation and yoga. It’s a wonderful life.

Movies. Old, new, no matter the genre, if it’s a good story, semi-decent acting, and the background is fairly interesting, I’ll watch it. If it’s above average I might watch it more than once.

I love to laugh. It’s something we don’t do enough of. Even me.

I’m “in” to the Neurobiology of We. (Find it on Audible)

I will try and fail and try and fail and try again. I will continue to try. I’ll know when it’s time to step back. But I will try again.

Re-invention is the name of the game. Change is now. Be groovy. Do something permanent with all the photos you take.