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About Me


My name is Nanci Arvizu and I’m the sole owner, worker and head light bulb changer at Cowgirlheart Media.

Thank you for being here.

Where to begin… I’m an artist and digital tech-nerd, a pencil and paper junkie, a desert dweller. I am a sun worshiper. Outside is better than inside.

I’ve been working on my “Work In Progress” novel for way too long.

Digging into the past, the history of where I am and places I want to visit fascinates me.

Exploration of foreign lands leads to greater understanding. Try it.

I love hiking the Sonoran desert where I live

I love hiking the Sonoran desert where I live

Health and fitness are important to me. I (do my best to) stay the course of good food, consistent exercise and positive thinking with hiking, cooking, meditation, and yoga. It’s a wonderful life.

Movies. Old, new, no matter the genre, if it’s a good story, semi-decent acting, and the background is fairly interesting, I’ll watch it. If it’s above average I might watch it more than once.

I love to laugh. It’s something we don’t do enough of. Even me.

I’m “in” to the Neurobiology of We. (Find it on Audible)

I will try and fail and try and fail and try again. I will continue to try. I’ll know when it’s time to step back. But I will try again.

Re-invention is the name of the game. Change is now. Be groovy. Do something permanent with all the photos you take.